Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

We have complete respect for your privacy.

Your email address will be added to our system as well, but it will be used ONLY by us. We do occasionally send emails about upcoming shows, new products, or specials. IF you do not want to receive emails from us (other than confirming orders or questions on orders), please let us know and we will remove your email from our list.

We take great pride in keeping your information safe and secure.

  • ONLINE: Once you hit the 'checkout' button you are transferred to a secure server. How can you tell? Easy...look in the 'Address' bar of your browser and you'll see that the URL starts with "https". Also, on the right hand side of the checkout page you'll see a little "Secured by SSL" logo. SSL stands for Secure Socket it works, according to

    When you log onto a secure server (indicated by https) it communicates with your browser for a few seconds. During this communication, it sends your browser encryption information that only it and your browser can read. Once this encryption is set, it acts like a normal web page, except that all info coming or going is encrypted. This encryption makes it extremely difficult for any third party who would intercept the transaction to decipher it.

    Your credit card information is stored on the server until we print it out...then it is promptly deleted.
  • OFFLINE: We DO store your credit card number in our order management system in truncated format. Once processed, a copy of the slip is sent to you and your printed order is kept in a file cabinet in our alarm-protected office. ALL our computers (also in the protected office) and order management programs are password protected to prevent unauthorized access to files that contain your address and order information. We use a firewall to keep your data safe from online intrusion, too.
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