Drop Ship Program

Got a customer wanting something of ours you don't stock? We drop ship!

We're happy to drop ship items directly to your customers...it's a great way for you to offer a larger product selection without the cost of storing additional inventory. We've created this guide to answer common questions...if you need further assistance or have any questions regarding the program or our products, please don't hesitate to ask.



You may choose as few or as many of our items to offer for drop shipment to your customers as you like. We currently have more than 300 products in our line, which translates to plenty of variety for your customers...and ultimately more sales!



All of our customers are free to use any images from our website for use online or in print. If you require a higher quality image, just email me and I'll send it along for you.



All drop shipped items will be charged our EACH price. This is the first non-bolded price shown under the description in our print catalog, and the column labeled EACH on our Microsoft Excel/Adobe PDF price list. While we realize the retail price you choose to charge is up to you, we reserve the right to discontinue our drop ship relationship with you if your prices undercut the suggested retail price by an amount we feel could be detrimental to our customer base.



We charge a per order drop ship fee of $1 on most items. Several of our products are difficult to pack individually and a higher fee will apply. Individual item fees can be viewed on our Microsoft Excel/Adobe PDF price list in the DROP SHIP column. If a product on the list has no information in the DROP SHIP field, the item is not available for drop shipment.



For complete program details, please email or phone us at 570-226-3239.









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