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1st attempt at a photo -

This is actually my 2nd attempt - the first one didn't work.  My goal with this blog is to show how easy it is to arrange a few flowers and put them anywhere, hence the title of this blog series... Flowers in the Bathroom.  We'll see if this first photo comes up and go from here.

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First Try...

This is the first time I've tried to get a blog going.  Amy had done a little several years ago, but we haven't done anything since.  I'm hoping to show some ideas for using flower holders and let you all see just how easy it is.  If this short posting works, I will start with some photos tomorrow.  Here goes...

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We’ve just gotten word that there are some production issues and the Tote Alls will not be available until the end of May/early June, instead of this month as promised. We’re so sorry for the ridiculously long delay on these…but we know the product is worth the wait!          


If you have this item on your PO, we’ll back order and ship when they come in.  Please let us know if you prefer to cancel.  

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